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I took a little detour from Sprytile documentation and development because I got interested in making a tool to make it easier to look at the textures in a Sketchfab model and to load a different texture if you want.

One of the things I really liked seeing from the pixel art communities I've been part of are people making edits of each other's work in progress pieces to help each other out. I'd love to see this tool make collaborations like this easier for 3D artists.

The UI is still a work in progress, but the main functionality that I want has been implemented. Check out the utility here.

If you're interested in trying out loading textures on the default model, you can try using the following textures:

Textures uploaded to imgur can be loaded with this tool, be sure to use the direct link when using imgur (formatted[filename]).

When using a URL texture swap, the generated URL of the app will automatically load your edited textures when shared with others.

For more complete usage instructions, check out the github repo. If you find this tool useful, I'd love it if you bought me a coffee!

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This is a really cool idea and execution, I can totally see some neat collabs being made with this. 

That's a really neat edit! If you upload your texture to imgur, you can make a linkable version that automatically loads your texture when opened.