Mesh Decal Layer Release

I'm excited to announce the mainline release of Sprytile's decal layer feature! Use the updater to get this new release.

Unfortunately, I could only implement the decal mesh functionality for this release. The planned UV2 layer functionality was more complex than I anticipated, so I focused my efforts on mesh based decals for this release.

Using Layers

I haven't had the time to create proper documentation for the layers functionality, but the basic usage is to expand the new layers panel in Sprytile's tools and switch to the decal layer.

When using the decal layer, the preview cursor will have a yellow outline to indicate that you're working in decal mode. 

Other Improvements

While the biggest feature of this release is decals, there are also a bunch of quality of life improvements to Sprytile in this release.

  • More user friendly multi selection build mode, placement does not have to be exact
  • Improved tileset loading workflow, added safeguards when loading textures
  • Certain keyboard shortcuts are configurable in Sprytile settings
  • Work plane normal can be set from cursor snap mode, press alt to set to face under mouse

If you like using shortcuts to be more efficient in your work, the shortcut documentation has also been updated to reflect the latest shortcuts that can be used with Sprytile.

Artist Showcase

I'd like to present the  work of Metkis, who creates very cool low-poly pixel art visuals using Sprytile and Unity. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with the amazing things he creates. 

He is also working on Morning Star, a game with an intriguing premise using low-poly aesthetics, be sure to wishlist it on Steam!

For more regular updates on Sprytile; low poly pixel art; and bad puns follow me on twitter @chemikhazi!

We also have a Discord chat server if you'd like to talk with our friendly and helpful community.


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Version 0.4.5 Aug 26, 2018

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Looks very nice! I've been getting requests to make a 2D pixel art game. So, this tool will be very very useful. It's certainly something I should consider!!! 
The very fact that people make stuff like this, is - dare I say it - a God send.