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Sprytile 馃挅 3D Pixels

Sprytile was built as a love letter to the aesthetics of pixel art graphics and early 3D games.

Sprytile gives artists tools in Blender that speed up crafting stylized textured low poly models that evoke the feel of that era in gaming.

Sprytile helps you go from 2D tiles to 3D models with ease

Tile Mapping for Blender

Tile map workflows makes building 2D maps for games fun and intuitive. Sprytile brings tile mapping tools to Blender to give you a powerful and intuitive way to create in 3D.

Sprytile combines the ease of creation with tile maps, with all the power and flexibility of your Blender workflow.

Pixel Perfect UV Painting

Sprytile's UV paint tools lets you UV map your model while working in the viewport. Model with Blender's flexible tools and then easily UV map faces to tiles with full control over stretching and maintaining texel density.

Sprytile is Open Source

Sprytile is an open source project and can be freely downloaded. Any support you give will help further the development of Sprytile and is much appreciated!

If Blender isn't your thing check out Crocotile, the inspiration for Sprytile!


A written quick start tutorial is available in the documentation, or in video form.


Check out art made with Sprytile in the Sketchfab collection.


The Sprytile community and development adopts the contributor's covenant as the project code of conduct.

Rule 1, Be Kind!

Please Do:

  • Use welcoming, inclusive language
  • Be respectful of differences in viewpoints and experiences

Please Don't:

  • Troll / harass
  • Use gendered / racial / etc slurs


Sprytile has a community forum! Share the cool things you're making with Sprytile or ask a question, we'd love to have you!

Discord Server

Sprytile also has a Discord server! Come chat with the community!



Full changelog

September 26, 2020 - v0.5.20

  • Updated documentation
  • Added default grid and tile sizes in preferences
  • While snapping 3D cursor:
    • Control key toggles between vertex and grid snapping
    • Mouse wheel moves work plane by half grid steps, hold shift to move by 1 pixel steps
    • Hold alt and left click on face to set work plane normal

September 6, 2020 - v0.5.15

  • Streamlined UI
  • Tile palette can be moved around
    (mouse over tile palette, hold shift and middle mouse click)
  • Changed default tile rotate shortcuts to Q/E.
    These can be set in Blender Preferences by searching for 'Sprytile'
  • Added toggle for sprytile tools to work with backfaces
  • For Blender 2.9, added UV correction toggle
  • Enhanced painting mode hinting, now works with selected edges of face
  • Enhanced addon preferences
    • Automatic floor grid setup
    • Automatic viewport setup
  • Bugfixes
    • Selection longer transforms in paint mode
    • Auto reload works after re-opening file
    • Restored cursor movement in fill mode (hold S to snap to vertices or grid)

August 9, 2020 - v0.5.10

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Floor to grid command fixed
  • Added setup viewport command to edit mode panel
  • Swap rotation shortcuts: 4 rotates left now, 5 to the right
  • Fix for Blender 2.90


Blender version 2.8 or higher.

If you need to use Blender 2.79, please download version 0.4.5 from GitHub.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(245 total ratings)
AuthorJeiel Aranal
Made withBlender
Tags3D, Low-poly, Open Source, Tilemap
Code licenseMIT License
LinksSource code


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