Sprytile v0.5.20 - Documentation and Bugfix Release

Hey folks!

This month's Sprytile work was focused on updating the written tutorial to reflect the current state of Sprytile.

An updated video tutorial will be coming soon, but I've always prioritized written docs first.

Along with the tutorial, I restored some missing functionality that I only remembered Sprytile had after re-reading the documentation. Look. It's been a long time, okay? 

Version 0.5.20 Changelog

  • Added default grid and tile sizes in preferences
  • While snapping 3D cursor:
    • Control key toggles between vertex and grid snapping
    • Mouse wheel moves work plane by half grid steps, hold shift to move by 1 pixel steps
    • Hold alt and left click on face to set work plane normal


Sprytile Blender Addon 262 kB
Version 0.5.20 Sep 26, 2020

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Thank you for your continued work on this tool. It's been very helpful.

Awesome! Thank you.