Sprytile is 4! Please Give To Relief

I wish I had more to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Sprytile with, but this year has been a lot. I'll always be grateful to see people creating art with Sprytile, thank you so much for sticking with me through the sporadic updates.

I'm aware that there are quite a few bugs in the current release, especially with Blender 2.92.  Please bear with me while I find the time to fix these bugs. Work has been busy and it's been hard to find the energy while dealing with all of this shit happening around us. Thanks so much for your understanding.

On the professional front, I've been working in Bunnyhug Games and we've just announced our first game, Moonglow Bay! Moonglow Bay is a slice of life fishing RPG where you'll face the mysteries of the open waters while dealing with loss and a village that has seen better days. The team has been having a great time bringing this world to life and we're excited for you to play it!

Please wishlist it on Steam!

Birthday Wish: Charity Giving

The release of Sprytile coincides with my birthday. For this birthday I've put together a list of groups that are providing relief to people in the Philippines and Brazil during the pandemic.

If Sprytile  has helped you in some way, I would really appreciate your support of these groups through donations to help with their much needed work. I'm making personal donations to these organizations and will also use the Sprytile proceeds from March and April to give to relief efforts.


I'm from the Philippines and we're facing a rising wave of infections that has our healthcare system on the brink. Because of the Duterte government's terrible handling of the pandemic, we're now in a second hard lockdown, leaving many Filipinos without income. Many of these organizations are focused on helping the marginalized groups that the government is failing.

For international donors, these groups are able to take donations through PayPal:

I'll also be using donations to Sprytile for these groups that can't take international donations:


The situation in Brazil has been bleak with the Bolsonaro government not acknowledging the reality of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the global response to the humanitarian crisis in Brazil has been tepid. The people of Brazil need help, I'm asking you to please consider supporting relief efforts through donations. This list was kindly compiled by Lu Nascimento who is from Brazil.

  • Mães da Favela - raising money for baskets of food for people in the favelas
  • Água no Feijão - donate hot meals to people in need, select how many meals you want to donate, then click "doar" which lets you use paypal to donate
  • Amazon Watch - a group focusing on the indigenous people of Brazil who are being targeted by the Bolsonaro government, on top of the threat of the pandemic
  • PFF para Todos - an effort to give personal protective equipment to people in Brazil (donate through PayPal)
  • Pixels for Food - Pixel artist Ricardo Juchem is raising funds for a group giving food to those in need with his art
  • Brazil Foundation
  • Global Giving - a list of fundraising campaigns in Brazil related to COVID response that have been vetted

Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to these relief efforts.

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