Documentation, Showcase, and a Patreon


Hi there! I just made an update to the written documentation for Sprytile that clarifies some steps I've overlooked and updates some of the instructions for new workflows and features. I've also moved some of the guides from the forum and into the documentation, so you might like to check out what's new!

This is just a holdover update, I'm planning a comprehensive update that will include video tutorials as well.

Showcase Update

The 0.4.21 release saw renewed interest in Sprytile, and people have been making amazing 3D scenes with it! Check out the updated mini showcase on the forum, the #sprytile hashtag on Twitter, or the Sprytile collection on Sketchfab to see the wonderful creations people have made with this update!

The update also attracted users who are completely new to 3D. I'm blown away that Sprytile can be a gateway for artists into 3D, and I'm excited to undertake the documentation update with the goal of helping newcomers to Blender and 3D.


I'm also currently in the process of putting together a Patreon campaign to support Sprytile's continued development.

Is there anything that would especially entice you to support Sprytile? Would custom forum badges be a good idea? Are live coding/art streams something you'd be interested in? What about access to source files? I'd love to get your feedback!

Leave a comment or let me know on Twitter. Sprytile will always be free to use!

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support.

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Looking forward to the Patreon campaign.

Thanks! If there's an incentive that would interest you, let me know, it would help me a lot with planning :)