All Quiet On The Development Front, Until…

It's been all quiet on the Sprytile dev front. Too quiet.

So here's a quick dev update.

High Res Tilesets, Baby!

I was fretting over implementing high resolution tilesets because I thought my code was not setup for it but it turned out I just had to scale the UI correctly? Mister developer. You could have implemented this earlier. I gave you all the clues.

I *might* not be the best at this "coding" thing. But I try, okay?

High resolution support has been requested a lot throughout Sprytile's development but it hasn't been a focus for me because of my own art style. I haven't been able to extensively test this so I'm considering this a beta. I'd be very appreciative of any testing or if someone could provide a high res tileset for testing purposes.

Misc Updates

Remove Sprytile Data

A user was  investigating using Sprytile with their workflow and came across a blocker caused by data Sprytile inserts into the Blender scene. I added a utility that removes Sprytile data so the scene can be further processed by other tools. If you have a request, feel free to post on the forums or file a Github issue! I'll do what I can!

Beta/Development Channels

Sprytile has been using the excellent Blender Addon Updater to allow for easier updates. For this release, I upgraded the library and enabled the ability to get the updates from the development and beta branches of Sprytile. If you're interested in running the latest and untested Sprytile code, open Sprytile's preferences and update to the Beta or Development versions. Development will have the latest code while Beta will contain code that has been somewhat more tested.

On the art side, I've started a project to recreate the starting area of Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance in Sprytile. I started out with the building at the top of this post and I'll be posting updates on Twitter, so follow along if you'd like!

Sprytile has a Discord chat server! If you'd like to hang out with fellow low poly pixel enthusiasts or ask questions about Sprytile, drop by the server sometime, we'd love to have you!

If you enjoy using Sprytile, I'd love your support! Sharing work you've created with Sprytile on Twitter or Sketchfab is amazing! Honest reviews for Sprytile on is also much appreciated!


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Version 0.4.35 Feb 24, 2018

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I just installed Sprytile a little while at it was my first time working with Blender too and it was a pleasure to finally actually do something in it :) I should ask, if I uninstall it and install this would I still be able to work with 16x16 or 32x32 tilemaps? Keep up the good work, I love this addon :D

Thank you, glad it's helping people with Blender. Yes, Sprytile will continue to work with smaller tile sizes after upgrading.