Closing Time…

Hey gang! I'm writing this devlog to give people a heads up on the future of Sprytile.

First off, don't worry. Sprytile is not going anywhere and development won't be stopping.

However, by December I'll be obligated to close off donations to Sprytile for the forseeable future. I'm starting a new job and won't be allowed to have a side hustle, so Sprytile will strictly be free of charge. The Patreon campaign from my last devlog has already been suspended.

Work on Sprytile will continue even without donations. It might be slow for a couple of months as I settle into my new job but I'm dedicated to building Sprytile to be an amazing tool for low poly pixel art. The greatest reward I've had from building Sprytile hasn't been financial. It's seeing the art I love get created with the help of Sprytile. It's knowing that other artists are learning 3D because of Sprytile.

But financial support is always greatly appreciated! I put a lot of time into Sprytile and have had recent hardware costs replacing a dead laptop. Donations help boost my morale and defray some of my costs. If Sprytile has helped you in some way, please consider making a donation this November before the window closes on giving financial support to Sprytile.

If you're not in a position to donate, I completely understand. Sharing art you made with Sprytile on social media or leaving an honest review of Sprytile on are other great ways to support the project!

Thank you, and have fun with Sprytile!

P.S: here's a little cuphead skeletal doot doot to play the donations off!

P.P.S: sorry for the clickbait title, I just like dumb songs okay?

P.P.P.S: join the Sprytile Discord chat server!

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I'm starting a new job and won't be allowed to have a side hustle

Please make sure that this is legal to restrict such an activity by an employment contract in your country. As usual, such things that are out of job time are the things out of any corporate influence. Anyway, this sounds like a quite crappy condition :c

Good luck! I wish all your plans will eventually be fulfilled.