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I love this, but it seems to be broken with Unity 2018.3 :(


Ah right, someone sent me a patch to fix quick toggle on 2018.3, give me a bit to integrate it :)


The fix is up, thanks for notifying me about the issue.

Very awesome, thanks!

Thanks, this is the best plugin!


Simple and elegant and extremely helpful. 

Neat tool, saves a lot of clicks! :)

Have you tried or found any way of simply hiding meshes on a per-object basis, without deactivating the entire gameobject? (e.g. same as when you hide a Layer; it's invisible in Scene view but the object is still active and visible in Game view).

Seriously this would be even more awesome.


I might look into this when I have time, thanks for using the tool.

Awesome! Thank you for making it :)


Reminds me of the similar visibility toggles in the scene trees of Godot's editor and Blender!